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New Book Review in The Ocean State Review
I had the pleasure of reviewing Jane Satterfield's newest book, The Badass Brontës (Diode Editions, 2023), for The Ocean State Review. The book weaves between the Brontës' 19th century lives and our own 21st moment of pandemic quarantine and the climate crisis. It's an absolutely beautiful book. I hope you'll check out both the book and my review!
New Poem in Harbor Review 5
What's got a talking casket, an exhumation, a no-good husband, and a worm-eaten journal? My poem “At the Exhumation, the Coffin Speaks,” which appears in Harbor Review’s Portraiture issue, where it's paired with Cheol Yu Kim's beautiful visual piece, “Infinity.” Harbor Review creates the loveliest issues—full of thoughtfully curated poetry and art—and I'm so pleased my poem has found a good home here.
Two New Poems in Cave Wall Number 16
I'm thrilled to have two new poems in the latest issue of Cave Wall, both about the Brontë siblings. The first poem, "Kingdom," is set in the late 1820s and offers a glimpse into the childhood of Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and Branwell Brontë. The second poem, "Consume," is set two decades later and is written in the voice of Charlotte Brontë as she grappled with the loss of her siblings due to tuberculosis. Cave Wall is a fantastic journal of poetry and art, and I'm so excited to have my work included in this newest issue. Please do purchase a copy!
New Poem in Beloit Poetry Journal
My poem "Letter Found on the Body" appears in the Spring 2020 issue of Beloit Poetry Journal. This poem comes from my manuscript "Heroine" and is a persona poem.  Its speaker was inspired by an 1854 Scientific American article about a man who believed he would die as a result of a railroad accident. What can I say--inspiration is everywhere, when we are open to it! BPJ was kind enough to feature my poem online, but you should purchase a copy of the issue. It's full of incredible work, as always!
A New (Long!) Poem in The Southern Review
I'm excited to have a poem in the Winter 2020 issue of The Southern Review, a journal I've long admired. "Letters to the Dead" is a multi-section persona poem written in the voice of Jane Franklin, a complicated, ambitious woman who seems to have felt a deeply ambivalent guilt in pushing her aging husband, John Franklin, to make his ill-fated voyage into the Canadian Arctic to chart a section of the Northwest Passage in 1845. You can listen to my reading of the poem here, and you purchase a copy of the issue here.
Two New Poems in Crazyhorse Number 96
The latest issue of Crazyhorse is a stunner, and I'm honored to have two poems from my manuscript "Heroine" in its pages. The first, "Portrait of the Artist Trying," is a poem about Monet and the 1901 winter he spent trying to paint London's skies from the Savoy Hotel--at one point, he had over 100 canvases underway! The second poem, "Modern Marriage and How to Bear It," takes its title from a 1909 British marital guide for women. The poem begins with a rather pat epigraph from that guidebook and then turns that epigraph on its head,  exploring the power and pleasures of  reading and time spent alone. Crazyhorse was kind enough to feature the latter poem online here. Enjoy!
Three New Poems Online in Blackbird
I'm excited to have three new poems from my manuscript "Heroine" in the latest issue of Blackbird: "In the Museum of the Nineteenth Century, the Lights Are Coming On," "The Literary Scholar," and "Pteridomaniac." Blackbird published two of my early poems that went on to appear in my first book, Inked, so I'm particularly excited that they've published work from this new project. 
New Poem Online in JuxtaProse
Did you know that when the postcard first came into use in the nineteenth century, it created quite a stir? Apparently, a letter without an envelope was really just naked mail. I'm grateful to the editors of JuxtaProse for giving my poem "In the Early Days of the Postcard" (which draws on this history) a home in their newly-released Volume 20. You can read the poem here.
Interview in the Summer 2019 issue of The Writer's Guide
I'm grateful to Emily Holland, Managing Editor of Poet Lore, for interviewing me and to The Writer's Guide for including me in their piece "Poet Lore's Pushcart Nominees on Craft, Inspiration, and Editing." Find the piece on page 16 of the Summer 2019 issue of The Writer's Guide.
New Poem in RHINO 2019
Happy to share that my poem "Gears" appears in the newest issue of RHINO, a journal I've long admired. "Gears" is a list poem about female domestic workers in Victorian England and part of my manuscript "Heroine," and I'm glad the poem found such an excellent home. Purchase a copy of RHINO 2019 here.
New Poem Online in Crab Orchard Review 23.3
I'm thrilled to have a new poem in Crab Orchard Review's "Ka-Ching!: The Money Issue." The whole issue is available and free to read here, and you can find my poem, called "Letter of Notice to the Country House," on page 182.
New Poem in NELLE 2
My poem "Reasons to Destroy a Book" appears in the second issue of NELLE, a beautiful print journal run out of the University of Alabama at Birmingham which publishes work by female-identifying writers. Learn more about NELLE here, and also see their Facebook post from March 5, 2019, for a spotlight on my poem!
New Poem Online at SWWIM Every Day
I have spent a good deal of my PhD reading 19th-century British novels, and I wrote a poem imagining what would happen if the female characters in those novels could take a break from their narratives. I'm so pleased the online poetry journal SWWIM Every Day published the poem (link here).
2018 Pushcart Prize Nomination
I'm honored to share that Poet Lore has nominated my poem "A Brief History of the Train" for a 2018 Pushcart Prize.
Reading at Avenue 50 Studio on 1/13/19
Join me at Avenue 50 Studio in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 13, 2019, at 4:00 p.m. to celebrate the release of Michelle Brittan Rosado's award-winning collection of poems, Why Can't It Be Tenderness (Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 2018). Doug Manuel and I will be reading some poems to kick off the evening. Find the Facebook event here. You don't want to miss this!
New Poem in Gulf Coast 31.1
I've long admired the work that Gulf Coast publishes, and I'm thrilled that my poem "Fog"--from my manuscript-in-progress, "Heroine"--appears in the new Winter/Spring 2019 issue. Purchase your copy here! It's a stunner, from the gorgeous front cover forward.
New Poem in Pleideas 38.2
My poem "Dollhouse"--which comes from my manuscript-in-progress, "Heroine"--appears in the Summer 2018 issue of Pleiades Magazine, a journal I have long admired. Purchase your copy of the issue here!
New Poem in Indiana Review 40.1
I'm pleased to have a new poem, "Letter of Welcome to the New Mistress," in the Summer 2018 issue of Indiana Review. Check out the issue's awesome line up here!
Visiting Writer at Trinity Valley School
I'm looking forward to being a Visiting Writer at Trinity Valley School--a college prep school in Fort Worth, Texas--on April 6, 2018. I'll be giving a reading, teaching a creative writing class on line breaks, and talking with high school students during a lunchtime Q&A.
New Poem in Poet Lore 113.1/2
My poem "A Brief History of the Train" appears in the latest issue of Poet Lore. (Check out the gorgeous cover here, and then do yourself a favor and purchase a subscription here!) Several years ago, Poet Lore published my poem "The Stage Carpenter's Wife," which went on to appear in Inked. I'm thrilled to have my work appear in their pages again.
New Poem in The Los Angeles Review
Read my poem "Notice of Risks" in The Los Angeles Review here, and then read everything else you can in their archives. Again and again they publish poems that knock me off my feet. One of my favorite online journals!
Reading at Stories Books and Cafe on 11/28/17
Join me at Stories Books and Cafe in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, at 8:00 p.m. for the launch of L.A. Johnson's brand new chapbook, Little Climates (Bull City Press, 2017). Callie Siskel and I will be reading some poems to kick off the evening.
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